As colour is the first attribute that our brains process when we take in any scene, Calzada Fox are delighted to launch a new educational initiative that supports businesses in maximising their use of colour to set the scene for their professional profile and brand.

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Considering Colour Talks

At Calzada Fox, our message is to encourage people to really consider colour impact, and that’s why we offer a range of talks, seminars, workshops and info sessions to businesses and professionals to engage and inspire them. The talks share our knowledge and methodology for businesses to apply to their own ideas.


Our series of talks explores topics on Colour Confidence, Design Trends, Branding and the Branded Environment, Harmonies, Palettes, Materials, Colour for Interiors, and Applied Colour Psychology. 

The benefits of attending these talks include an increase in ‘colour confidence’ and innovation through colour, the ability to re-evaluate and gain creative perspectives on colour, and the chance to build colour knowledge and gain insights into the colour industry.


We like to think that our Considering Colour talks appeal to everyone, but we believe that Architects, Product Designers, Graphic Designers, Textile Workers, Interior Designers, Buyers, Marketeers, Brand Managers, Art Directors and generally anyone who works within the materials and textiles industry will enjoy and benefit from attending.   

Whilst developing learning, understanding and application are always going to be the main reasons for attending any kind of talk or event, at Calzada Fox, we believe that our Considering Colour series of talks can also help organisations with team building, customer engagement, content building, and driving traffic to your business.


“I have worked with amazing firms over the years, helping them to use colour successfully and to adapt to trends. Now, I would like to share this knowledge through the delivery of education programmes”

carolina calzada-oliveira  |  co-founder


Colour Forum: Masterclass Level 01

The Calzada Fox Colour Forum Masterclasses are a purposeful and branding focused way to engage in creative training to develop knowledge of colour and subsequent application skills.

We have spent a lot of time perfecting the most appropriate and engaging topics for our Colour Forum masterclasses, and at Calzada Fox, these include: Colour Science, Applied Colour Psychology and Colour Trend which are the foundations of successful colour design and specification.


Get in the Know.

Learn about key industry insights in the use of colour, from psychology to forecasting, with expert guidance from our team of experienced colour professionals.

Develop your skills.

Build a portfolio of skills in the use and application of colour within your own projects.


Engage with the Experts.

Immerse yourself in valuable information and mentorship from expert colour specialists from a range of industries and backgrounds.

Build your Branding.

Confidently use and apply colour with inspiration, purpose and bespoke decision making.


All are welcome on our masterclasses, but we have found that they particularly benefit Interior Designers, Colourists, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Artists, Architects, and students/graduates of study within any of these fields.