Calzada Fox have years of experience in helping international companies and organisations with the research and development of colour tools and associated business solutions.  

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Enterprise Training

At Calzada Fox, we believe that innovation and creativity can help you to transform your business. We offer consultancy to organisations and professionals who require specialist enterprise training to give employees the culture, confidence and capabilities to be effective within the use of colour.

We work with organisations to pinpoint their business’s challenges, and to explore their objectives to drive change, progression and success. Training is available in B2B and B2C sectors, where our team at Calzada Fox will focus on your business objectives and your client needs in order to plan the most effective training.


Move forward together.

This approach helps your employees and your business to move at the same speed and in the right direction through innovation and creativity challenges.

Develop your team. 

Build confidence, inter department communication and professional skills in the use and application of colour within your business projects.


Build your branding.

Engage your clients and customers through business focused colour applied with inspiration, purpose and bespoke decision making.

We begin this relationship with a one-day exploratory session, where we will offer formal feedback regarding the most appropriate and effective solutions we believe we can offer. Our colour solutions are bespoke, and we budget the project in line with what we can expect your return on investment to yield. 


 ‘The way Calzada Fox explains colour, gives you a clearer perspective on how that can impact on the experience users will get in our designs’


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Consultancy & Curation

Calzada Fox have years of experience in helping companies and organisations with the research and development of colour tools and associated business solutions. We work across the globe with companies such as Logitech, Panasonic, Tintas Iquine, Dupont, 3M, Caesarstone, LG Haus, Homebase, Formica, Finsa, British Gas, Nippon, NCS and RAL. 

Our unique solutions help businesses to better understand their clients and customers, as well as helping them open up to new market sectors. We also improve product development and seek to refine marketing tools and strategies.  If there’s a problem, we can find a solution.


Research & Development.

Product Development

Research Projects

Colour Forecasting

Colour Communication

Brand Development


Curation & Publishing.

Creative Content

Art Direction

Bespoke Publications 

Talks and Seminar Curation 

Creative Installations