How Bio-Design Affects Colour

London Design Fair 2019 is setting up to be the year of Bio-Design with London Design Fair Material of the Year, Brompton Design District’s Nature Nurture and the second edition of Open Cell’s Bio Design Now all featuring.

It is fantastic to see so many amazing designers and pioneers getting a platform on the future of design. 

Six years ago, I was first introduced to structural colour when I saw the incredible Andrew Parker speaking about the development of the eye as the catalyst for the Cambrian explosion. Understanding that in nature colour could be built on a nano level to retract light and that this would never fade opened out a huge range of ideas and possibilities for future design. 

Fast forward 2018 and a converging of elements including discussions with Bud Moore at Ceneic bio-fabrication and a growing focus on the polluting effects of the fashion industry made us begin to explore how the need to close the cycle on manufacturing will influence the future perception of colour for consumers. 

In January 2019 we launched our talk for the Considering Colour series, ‘Origins for the Future’. In this presentation we look at the ways designers are looking to Repurpose Waste and Grow New Solutions, what impacts these have on the emotional connection and aesthetics, asking the question, ‘Are Consumers & Industry Ready For Bio-Colour? 

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