“Colour doesn’t live in isolation. How we understand a colour comes from the relationships it makes with others, just like people.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Craig & Rose’s latest 1829 Collection and Artisan Special Effects colours we’d like to invite you to explore this new community. Welcome to our Colour Way.”

For 2019, Craig & Rose commissioned one of Europe’s most interesting creative colour agencies, Calzada Fox to help develop their new colour & effects collection and to spearhead the overall concept and lead on art direction for the launch event at London Design Fair during London Design Festival. 

For this immersive space Calzada Fox invited exciting East London architects Studio Shaw to realise these concepts in three-dimensional space. 

 The result of this, a highly distinctive and interactive space devised to challenge existing perceptions around colour that created a high level of press and trade visitor engagement.

Film made in collaboration with Studio Shaw by Rupert Films.

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Calzada Fox is the first studio to share unique insights into the world of the professional colour agency for the design community.

Mixing together science, psychology and an unrivalled knowledge of design trends, Calzada Fox are the experts in communication through colour.  


‘Colour is visual and visceral. Understanding the right colours to use to say exactly what you want is essential.’

Justine Fox | Co-Founder

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In a world where customers are bombarded with brand information, getting the right message across is key.  Calzada Fox work with professionals on a global scale to introduce new ways to think about colour.  In doing this, we have developed a methodology that examines colour specification through a 360-degree view, bringing together science, psychology, trends and design to really inspire businesses to become conversant and innovative in their use of colour across branding and products. 


‘Thank you very much for the hugely accessible seminar. I found the talk very engaging and with many practical takeaways. I will be recommending this seminar to anyone who wants to grow their knowledge and put it into practice immediately’

Jimmy McDonald | Founder & Director of London Design Fair

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